How I do a distance energy therapy!

This week, I thought I would share with you, how I perform a distance energy therapy.

Lets start with some background to distance work, as some people can be confused as to how it works. We are all energy, and we vibrate on different levels.  Science, physics to be precise, backs this up.  Although we are all perceived as seperate entities, in reality we are not, we are all connected.  If you understand this, then it is easy to see how I can call on divine energy, channel it and redirect it to someone who needs that help.  All I am doing is redistributing the energy to where it is needed.

When I do any healing or energy work, I always set up my environment.  Just because the person is not there physically with me, does not mean I should not put as much effort into it, as I would if I had a client physically come to me.  You wouldn’t expect them to just sit there in a messy room, while you faff about.  You would put some effort into making it a tranquil, pleasant, clean environment for them to relax in.  And I put the same effort into a distance therapy.

I prepare myself, drink plenty of water, and cleanse with sage.  I clear my room, cleanse it with sage and salt water.  I light candles and/or incense, and I play soft music.  The tv is off, and lights are lowered. All my attention is on making my energy as relaxed as possible so it can connect and channel the healing energy to the recipient.

Part of how I set up my room includes a crystal healing grid, no matter what energy work I am doing.  Reiki or reikara, chakra or unicorn – it does not matter.  I go to my extensive range of crystals, and choose intuitively what the client needs.  Sometimes, it will be skulls and dragons, othertimes it will angels and unicorns.  Tumblestones or rough specimens all come out to play at some point or another.  For however long the energy session is to last, it has my full and undivided attention.  Some sessions are quicker than others, but no matter what it is – I am unavaible for the length of it.

To me, you are paying for the experience whether it is distance or hands on.  You are my client, and at the moment in time, you are of the utmost importance and deserve my full attention.  After the session is over, I ground myself, clear and cleanse the energy and the healing grid, then contact you to let you know it is done.  I give clear instructions and the time I am doing the service, so you can join in your own way at the same time too.  And this is how I have many overseas clients that return time and again when things are feeling off.

It is for this reason that I provide packages, where you can book 3 or 6 sessions in advance, so that you can get ‘top ups’ for want of a better description.  For more details you can visit my website here – and pop to the energy therapies page to choose your energy of choice.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Nikki xx

PS – I know some people may think unicorns or atlanteans are airy fairy and a step too far.  However, for me, the way to look at is, that knowing what a dolphin is and looks like, if you love dolphins, you will connect with the energy more.  The energy around us and within us is all the same – we all come from the stars!



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