When you manage to fall off!

Most of you all know by now that I don’t plan my blogs all the time, or even write them half the time. And here are the reasons why, and why I got back on my swing.

Since Christmas, life has been a little up and down.  Not down enough that I can say that it is my depression, but I can honestly say that it may have headed in that direction if I hadn’t decided to do something about it!

I don’t know why, there is no reason really, that things have been getting to me, you know the throw away comments that others make, that can make you question your entire existence?  This is what has bought about my lowness of late (having a cold doesn’t help either).

I won’t go into the boring details of exactly who and what were said, but I will let you know how it affected me – I fell off my swing!  I was enjoying myself, I was on a high, I was getting somewhere with not only my business, but my studies as well, and home life (the house was gradually getting sorted).  Then one thing was said, and it knocked me, then another was said and it knocked me even further down, until I fell off my swing.  The thing is, none of this was actually directed at me, not one bit.  It just felt like it was!

So, a few weeks later and here I am.  No work was carried out on the page, studies fell behind and I basically sat in the dirt wondering why I was doing it all, and actually thinking about walking away from it.  But something was stopping me.  I was stopping me.  I didn’t want to give up!  I enjoy what I do, and my studies.

But I still needed help getting out of the dirt and back on the swing.

That help came in the form of my partner (although he doesn’t even realise it), my friends, and my networking connections.  The final catalyst was a meeting where I was reminded just how far I had come, how strong I was and how much of a leader I am.  I couldn’t give up on that now could I?

Since then, my own creativity has been renewed, new ideas, running the page and even writing this.  I am back on my swing and riding high!

Nikki xx




3 thoughts on “When you manage to fall off!

  1. I love this and can really relate to falling off tour swing. I almost fell off today. One of my college teacher gave me a golden nugget many years ago, which was “Life is like a pendulum. It swings up more times than it swings down.” I always remember that when I feel myself about to fall. Well done x

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