Flying High

Hi Mysticals,

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted a blog, and its been a reasonably good few weeks.  Work has been good, study is up to date, and I have totally stepped outside my comfort zone and pushed my boundaries.

I did a facebook live video of a chakra meditation last week.  I was scared shitless, so nervous, my hands were shaking and I was almost going to give up on it.

I didn’t though, and I am glad I didn’t.  Everyone who watched it, has said how great it was, and it has really boosted my confidence.  So much so, that I have posted it on youtube, and it’s going out to all my subscribers in my April newsletter.  Talk about go from one extreme to the other (although I am not afraid to admit – I haven’t actually watched it back yet!)

Which is why I decided to share it here too!  Why not?  I am proud of it, proud of the encouraging comments I have had so far, and even though I know it’s not brilliant, its still something I have achieved.

So here is the link –

Nikki x



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