The 5 Reiki Principles

When you are first taught Reiki, one of the first lessons includes the Reiki Principles.  These are 5 ‘rules’ so to speak to abide by on a day to day basis and help to keep us balanced.  The principles should be repeated every day.  Those principles are:-

5 Reiki Principles


Let’s take them one by one.

Just for today – I will not worry:-  all worry does is cause stress and upset.  The less we worry, the more we can concentrate on moving forward.  Respond positively and we can achieve great things.  Respond negatively, and all we do is harm ourselves.

Just for today – I will not be angry:-  anger lowers our vibration.  Do not allow your vibrations to be lowered by being angry towards others.

Just for today – I will do my work honestly:-  be honest in everything you do.  Don’t allow dishonest behaviours sneak in.  This could be something as simple as being honest about doing a particular job, or it could mean stealing the office stationery.  Whatever it is, be honest!

Just for today – I will give thanks for my many blessings:-  how many times do you think everything always goes wrong, or doesn’t happen for you?  How about turning that around and looking for all the good that is happening around and for you.  Something simple is the sun shone on your way home.

Just for today – I will be kind to my neighbour and all living things:-  what goes around comes around, so stop sending out negative vibes or actions to those around you.  Instead bless them, no matter how annoying they may be!

Work on these principles every day to achieve a more balanced outlook.


Nikki xx

Ps – I love providing distance reiki, it not only benefits you the recipient, it also benefits me too (increased energy, relaxation etc).  Book yourself a session here – One Distance Reiki Session


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