They are setting in!

I am procrastinating big time.  Cannot get any motivation started.  And why you may well ask.  Well, I am booked to do my first ever speaker session on Saturday (at an event that I have helped to organise as well), and because my nerves are setting in, my anxiety levels are rising and I cannot concentrate on anything.

I have a list of tasks to do.  Can I get started on any of them – no!

On Saturday, as well as speaking, I have a stand selling my bits and pieces, plus I will be offering to do some readings too.  This all needs to get organised and packed up.  On top of this, I have orders on my etsy shop, email readings to do and studying.

I need a big injection of pulling up my big girl knickers and getting on with it.  But that is so much easier said than done.

Hence why this is going to be such a short blog this week.

I need coffee and chocolate iv lines, maybe a sugar rush will get me started!

See you next week (and if you want to see some of the stuff that will be there Saturday visit my Etsy Shop.

Nikki x

PS – if you want to come along and see me nervously trying to talk then visit the Enfield Wellbeing Showcase website


Taking a break and honeymoon blues!

Well Mysticals – it’s a been a while for sure.

I know that most of you know why and I really don’t wanna keep going on about it but for those of you that don’t – I got married! Only been with him for 10 years, but got there eventually.  I had a great time.

The only problem was that whilst I was planning my wedding, the stress and the nerves got to me so much, that everything (and yes I do mean everything) fell to the wayside!  The business, my health, my eating habits, even the house!!!  In the end, I was beating myself up about it all so much, I had to take a step back and just accept that I was doing nothing but wedding planning until after the wedding.

It was so stressful for both of us, that the big day itself was actually a relief, it flew by, and I enjoyed every minute of it.  And afterwards, we decided to reward ourselves with an impromptu (ish) honeymoon.  My eldest had agreed to look after the littlies, once the dust settled, we got on all the holiday sites and planned a trip.

First stop was Greece, Athens to be precise.  We only had a day and a half here, and most of that was spent visiting the ancient ruins, especially the Acropolis and the Parthenon.  Amazing does not do it justice at all.  The sheer scale of it all, and the repairs is breathtaking, just like the views.  We took hundreds of photos, and even embraced the selfie!  Not something I usually partake in lol.

We then flew to Cyprus, staying in our cousin’s villa.  Wasn’t quite a honeymoon, more family trip but still, we had no kids and tried to relax.  Spending time by the pool was rejuvenating to say the least.

I won’t bore you with all the details, just know that I had fun, came back with a tan and a few funny stories 😉 one of which involves a ghost in Athens which I may tell you about another time!

Despite missing my kids terribly, I wasn’t ready to come back to reality, in fact the thought was quite depressing.  And I must admit it has taken me a couple of weeks to get back into the swing of things.  As I write and schedule this post, apart from doing a few readings, packing a few parcels and making a few custom pieces – I haven’t done any work at all.  This is the first night, I have actually planned and scheduled any posts.  I have missed it, it didn’t take long to get back into the swing of things really.

One of the biggest things I have learnt from all this (apart from the fact that I am never getting married again lololol) is that I truly love flying.  I hate heights, the Dartford bridge makes me feel sick, but flying – love it.  So I am planning on doing a lot more flying in my future.

Now, to put all my on hold plans into action.  I need to take stock, and prepare new vision boards, goals and targets, everything I haven’t done since about June.  New life – here I come.

Nikki xx


Naturally Balancing Your Chakras

Hi Mysticals,

This week I thought I would share a little bit about the chakras and how to keep them balanced naturally.

I will keep it simple and not delve into chakras too deeply here, this is more about how you can work on them yourself, and keep them open, balanced and working correctly.

Firstly, I would like to point out, that getting your chakras aligned and balanced by someone like myself helps in many ways, and can be an important step in increasing your well being.  From there you can work on them yourself, knowing you have a good starting point.

What are chakras?

On a very basic level, chakras are natural energy points within our own auric and bodily fields.  Energy flows up from the earth, through our chakras.  So if one chakra is off balance, this energy flow does not work so well.

There are seven main chakras that we need to work on.  Those being the root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, brow chakra and crown chakra.  Each one governs certain areas within our physical body, as well as our emotional responses.  There are many more chakras, but these 7 are the basic ones we need to keep aligned.

Basic Chakra Information –

Root – red – Base of the spine – survival

Sacral – orange – Just below the navel – sexuality

Solar Plexus – yellow – upper abdomen – self worth

Heart – green – heart – inner peace

Throat – blue – throat – communcation

Brow – dark blue/purple – our focus

Crown – purple/white – connection to spirit


My favourite ways to work on my chakras naturally are colour, crystals, essential oils and meditation.

Colour – Each chakra has a colour frequency (given above), using the colour of a particular chakra will help to naturally maintain that energy.  So wear red to work on your root chakra, or blue to work on your throat chakra.  Burning candles of the appropriate colours also works really well too.  And using crystals of the same colour frequency also helps.  Wearing near the chakra you are working on.

Meditation – I have a meditation that I teach on some of my courses, that works on each chakra in turn.  But as a basic start – get yourself comfortable, and imagine you are surrounded by the colour of the chakra you want to work on.  Bathe in the colour, until you feel – intuitively – it is time to move to the next one or close your meditation.

Essential Oils – diffusing the oils that match each chakra helps to align them too.


Other ways to balance them naturally are – foods, eating foods that match the colour of the chakras, walking bare foot, sitting on the floor, listening to particular sound frequencies.

So, next time you are feeling out of whack, consider getting your chakras aligned, and then work on keeping them aligned naturally. Surround yourself with rainbows and you just cannot go wrong.

Here is a handy chart that I put together with some oils, crystals and affirmations for each chakra –

chakra chart


Visit my website – to book a chakra session, or a home study course on balancing your chakras.


Nikki x

Watching your daughter giving birth!

Well, where do I start.  This week I supported my eldest, Jessebea, give birth to her gorgeous son, and my cute little grandson.  Yes, yes – apparently I am old enough to be a nan!

As any parent would tell you, watching your child in pain and not being able to help is bad enough, add that extra level of empathy in as well, and that’s it – it’s all over!  My mum had already shared with me, that it was hard to watch me giving birth, and she did it 3 out 5 times.

For most of the day, it was fairly easy watching and helping her.  She had elected to have an epidural, which once done correctly (first try only numbed her left side), worked quite well, and made me a little bit jealous that I hadn’t opted for this with the 4 of mine that came out of the basement, the sun roof escapee was done by epidural.

Once the serious business of pushing the little bundle of joy out finally started, things weren’t quite so easy.  My daughter was not allowed a top up or the gas and air (omg this stuff is amazing and should come as standard with parenthood!) because the little monster was already being awkward and may have needed assistance.

Watching my daughter in that much pain was so hard.  Knowing exactly what she was going through, and how much it was hurting her.  Seeing the panic on her face, and not being able to help ease it was heart breaking.

You may well all be thinking that here is someone who is trained in healing energies, why didn’t I use them.  I did try, and who knows they may have helped a little, but attempting to concentrate on sending healing energy whilst fighting back tears is not easy.  Not only that, remember these energy therapies only work if it’s for your highest good, and to be perfectly honest with you, feeling your child being born is a ‘pain’ that as women we must all bear.

And this is where the empathy comes in – I felt every pain, every push, every movement.  Not as strong – granted.  But I felt it.  I was pushing along with her.  Breathing with her, whilst also trying to comfort her and give her extra support.

Her other half – was brilliant too.  And he did really well at keeping her as calm as he could.

At 10.10 pm on the 7th of June – little Jackson Lee was born, weighing 7lb 3 oz.  My daughter gave birth to her son, and I gave birth to huge bruise on my chest where Jessie’s foot was.

jackson laughing edited

One very proud mum and nanny.

Nikki xx

On a daily basis!

This is something I have been reminded of recently.  I have written a positivity/gratitude journal for quite some time now.  However, the last couple of months, I have let it fall to the wayside.  Staying up too late, forgetting to do it before going to bed, not being bothered to then write it.  And you know, it was affecting my mind set.  I was beginning to lose that feeling of knowing that I may not have everything that I desire, but I do have what I need, and being grateful for that.  I was not seeing just how many blessings I did have.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I was invited to a group on facebook, run by one of my favourite spiritual people – The Angel Mystic, Amanda Tooke.  The group is about angelic manifesting, but Amanda, has started a 7 day gratitude challenge.  Which I have joined in with, making me realise just how much I missed doing it.

I picked up my own journal again two nights ago, and restarted my own gratitude and affirmation practices.  I write a little bit about my day.  I list some things I have been grateful for, on that day (I used to try and do 3 items, but Amanda has been pushing us to find 10 in the challenge in her group), it isn’t always easy to do this but the more you try, the easier it becomes.  I then write out my affirmations and intentions.  Before finally, spending a few minutes asking my guides, angels, archangels – whoever wants to come through – to give me a channelled message.

None of this takes that long, and even after just 2 days, I am beginning to feel more at ease again.  Seeing the good things around me, not dwelling so much on things I don’t like or don’t serve me.  Working on what I need to change in myself too.

Why don’t you try it?  Get yourself a little notebook or diary, and set aside just 5 – 10 minutes before bed to write down what you are grateful for that day.  Some can be simple things, others can be huge.   Start with just 3, and then build up your lists to 10 items.  See how it can positively change your outlook on life and your inner mindset.


Nikki xx

Ps – Visit my facebook page for daily cards and other fun stuff.


And realising it is happening!

Hi Mysticals,

Another weekly blog for you all to enjoy, and I am certainly loving writing it.

What does manifestation mean to you?  To me it means, making my dreams, goals and desires come to life and become reality.  Now, I know there are plenty of ‘programs’ out there, by lots of different people telling you how to do this.  But lets keep this simple, and then show you how it has worked for me this week.

As far as I am concerned, when you are trying to manifest something into reality, it is no good just to say I want something and then just sit back and think that it will come to you.  It does not work like that.  You  need to put some effort into it yourself.  Writing it down, seeing how you can actively work towards that dream, breaking it up into manageable steps, all allow it to happen for real.

The other thing to remember is that it doesn’t always happen in the way you think it will happen.  You cannot be rigid in your expectations.  You can certainly be clear and concise in what you want to achieve, but do not fool yourself into thinking that there is only one way to move forward.  There are cross roads, roundabouts and stop signs all getting in the way, and the ultimate way to manifest, is knowing how to navigate around these.

Take for example my wedding!  I never thought I would even get married, let alone trying to plan one.  I had a dream venue in mind, somewhere I can see myself having my reception, but I knew it would be expensive, and so dismissed it totally, especially as we are having to do this on shoestring, not having a pot to piss in right now! (Scuse my language!)

Anyway, my gorgeous other half decided to contact this venue.  He didn’t get any replies, and so he then put all my details in the contact form, two days later they were ringing me, to my great surprise.  We arranged a visit (not that I needed one – I love this place), we discussed our requirements and then waited for the quote.  All the time I knew I would not be able to afford it, but truly hoping I could, and visualising it all the time.

Two weeks later, still no quote.  So I chased them up, a day later the quote came back and OMG I could have died from a heart attack.  The price wasn’t what I thought it would be (out of our league already), no it was more than double what I thought.  And, although I was upset, I was also secretly pleased at the quote – sounds masochistic right?

I’ll explain – if it had been the cost I thought, I may have been tempted at overstretching, putting ourselves in more debt etc. to have that wedding.  By it being double again, it was a straightforward – NO.  And I put it out of my mind, we got on with arranging a reception here at home, deciding on a caterer, planning the decor and everything else.

Imagine my surprise, when the venue rang me today.  And when I explained my predicament, with the cost, the Event Manager, came up with a bombshell – change it from having a marquee, to using the house and cut the cost to literally a sixth of the price, with some stipulations, and other ‘cutbacks’.  I still have no money, but I am working on that, but the amount is now far more doable.  I will get my dream wedding, now to manifest the money!

This is just one example that has happened to me this week.  Another has to do with the business, in an area that I have always been thinking about, and I now have the opportunity to be involved this way.  Meeting people that can help me further another part of my business has also happened.  It is exciting stuff.  And stuff that happened – the long way round through some t junctions, pedestrian crossings and even a few dead ends.

So, my message to you this week, is don’t give up your dreams.  Make your visualisations, affirmations and intentions as colourful, clear and concise as possible.  If something happens that throws you a bit of a left turn, take it, it can still happen, don’t give up.  Look at other ways to achieve them, take small baby steps, that end up larger and larger until you look back and see the great distance you have already come.

And if you need help with some guidance and insight on the way – contact me – – book a reading, ask questions, have an energy therapy (relaxing and trusting helps) and keep moving forward.


Nikki xxx

Nikki's Mystic Corner (1)

My Nan and Me!

A quick blog this week, nothing too taxing or complicated – my brain has been taxed enough with Uni.

I have never ever thought that I looked like the rest of my immediate family.  Mainly because for most of my childhood, I was always told how much I looked like my absent father’s family.  And it’s true – I did.

This week, I posted a picture up on both my personal facebook page, and my business page – – of my grandparents, and me as a baby.  The amount of people that commented, telling me how much I looked like my nan was a surprise.  So I compared my picture of my nan, and the profile picture on my facebook page – and I can see a total resemblance there.

My nan was a gorgeous woman in her younger years, and still had her looks as she aged.  So I am pleased that people think I look like her.  Although I won’t be adopting the blonde rinse and hairstyle – think I will still to my straight locks and purple tendencies (I know you can’t see it in the pic but my hair is purple in the under layers!)

I think the moral of this story is – that sometimes it takes others to point out what is right under your nose, so don’t be afraid to ask for help or opinions when you need them the most.


Ps – and take this as a reminder too, to always look for signs from your spirit guides, my nan and grandad are with me all the time, but even I need reassurance at times, and they were there providing it when I was finding things difficult at the weekend.

to be more spiritual!

Every day after school (as long as the weather isn’t too bad) we walk around the park.  I measured it the other day with one of those gps map app thingies – the whole walk from front door, to the school, around the park and home again is 2.4 km.

Today, we decided not to walk all the way round, the kids wanted to run around on the grass, and I can’t say I blame them.  So, we sat down.

Me, well I planned to get some grounding and meditation in, whilst they ran around like loons.  However, the minute they saw me take my shoes off, they came over and lay down for their ‘meditation’ time.  The shoes and socks came off just after this pic was taken.

We got some strange looks from others in the park, especially one mum, whose littlun came right over to us.  You could see she was thinking – omg her kids don’t have shoes on!  Did I care – no not really.  My children were embracing their spiritual side, grounding themselves, relaxing and meditating, looking at the sky and the clouds.  Who am I to stop them?

I want them to be able to do these things, to know when they need some time out to just watch the clouds, be mindful, meditate and ground themselves.  I actively encourage tree hugging (much to bemusement of the rest of my family and friends).  They ask the trees for leaves, branches and bark when they want to bring some nature indoors.  I want them to grow up, still doing these things.

Next time you take your little ones to a park, let them take their shoes off and run free.  See, how much it benefits them, try it yourself too.  You will be amazed by how good it feels.

selfie time  This was us our after meditation selfie lol.

Nikki x


And my relationship with it!

Hi Mysticals,

I am going to start this week’s blog with a poem I wrote a couple of years ago.



And this is truly how it gets to me.  A year ago, it would be almost a constant battle.  Now, not so regular, maybe once or twice a month when it gets really bad.  The difference between now and then isn’t so much the frequency but the fact that I lived in total fear of being dragged under again and again. Now, I no longer fear the dark days, nor wait for them to happen.  It achieves nothing, and actually spoils the days that aren’t spent under that dark cloud.  I take each and every day as it comes.

The other difference is that I now have a whole range of ‘tools’ to help stop my depression in its tracks, the minute I feel it taking over.  From self reiki, to essential oils, stopping the negative self talk, to relaxation – a whole gamut of things to try.  Sometimes one method will be more effective than another.  They don’t always work at all, hence the less frequent attacks.  And yes they are attacks. Attacks on my well-being.

I think that once someone has suffered from depression, it is always right there under the surface.  Even when we think we are over it, when we don’t suffer for years, or never really believed that was what was wrong in the first place – it is still there waiting for something to let it out.

I do not let it rule my life anymore.  I certainly don’t hate it either.  It isn’t pleasant when it happens, but hate is an even more destructive use of your energy.  Instead, I embrace it.

That may sound a very strange thing to do.  Embrace your depression.  But it works.  If part of your negative self talk whilst in an attack of depression is hatred for your feelings, then how can you possibly bring yourself out of it.  You are digging a deeper, blacker hole.  Rather than hating your feelings, allow yourself to feel them.  There is a reason that feeling is showing up.  Understand there is a reason behind it, try to find the reason, and then work on that rather than hating yourself.  Working on one small part at a time, focusing your attention, gaining some insight and allowing yourself to gain back your power.  Depression takes away your power, so by gaining it back bit by bit brings a sense of achievement, and that achievement means that you can work on the next feeling/reason more effectively.

And this is where I can help too.  Sometimes we cannot see the woods for the trees.  We cannot see that we can gain back our personal power, by acting on one small part of it at a time.  It takes someone outside the situation to help.  Let that someone be me, invest in your well being and use my services to support you.

A card reading – may bring about a new direction to look at

An Energy Therapy – may relax you enough to stop the self hatred

Crystals – can re-energise yourself and your surroundings

Essential Oils – work on all levels of consciousness

Orgone/Jewellery – bring positive energy, angel energy etc

Infiniti Package – gives you the benefits of crystals, essential oils, meditations and self healing

Courses – home study courses of different energy therapies allow you to always have it at your ‘fingertips’ so to speak

I know that one of mine, and probably yours too, may be finances.  But don’t let this stop you from asking me for help.  Some of my services start at just a few pounds.  Others can be more expensive, but I am always willing to work out payment plans etc.  On my facebook page, I regularly give away mini readings, and have a monthly pay it forward energy therapy session thread, where you can nominate people to receive it.  And lastly, a complimentary essential oil consultation or crystal consultation can be booked.

I am always there to help, and as a sufferer of depression, I can empathise with what is going on more fully.

Let us fight this battle together, standing strong against depression!


Nikki xxx

All you need is friends!

Hi Mysticals – it has been a couple of weeks since I wrote a blog post.  Lots of reasons for this, being a little overwhelmed, my little one ended up in hospital (he decided he wanted to be a walking money box – I was not thrilled!) and then the fall out from it all.

I don’t know about you, but any time spend in hospital makes me feel drained and worn out.  I suppose it is my empathic side, I feel everybody else, and hospitals have such raw energy, pain and fear in, that I cannot help, no matter how much protection I put in place, to feel everything.  And it certainly took it’s toll.  This is my son’s x-ray so you can see exactly what a walking money box looks like –


Yes that is a 50 pence piece, stuck in his oesophagus, that had to be surgically removed!

I was so low from the hospital, that it was taking all my energy just to stay sane (well as sane as I normally am – which to some is probably more coocoo than most lol).

By the end of last week, all I wanted to do, was hibernate.  My other half had other plans, and even though he was not feeling too good himself, he made sure we went out.  To the Longers, as they are affectionately called.  I banished him with the rest of the boys to the ‘shed’ and me and Mrs L spent the evening, reminiscing, sharing memories, and cussing out the boys.  And although that doesn’t sound that exciting – it did me the world of good.  Knowing there is somewhere you can go, or someone you can talk to, cry at, moan to and generally not be your usual happy self with, is such an excellent, amazing thing to have.

We both have our issues, problems and moaning to do.  We support each other when we need to.  We have built up a friendship over the years from working together and actually not ‘getting on’ so much to begin with.  Which Mrs L reminded me of on Saturday!   She put me off my new job, and I did a good job of putting up walls that took a long time to break down.  But now, we are so glad we worked through it.

Loving your friends, and the time you spend together is important.

Do you have this kind of support network in place?  We aren’t in each others pockets, which is also important to both of us.  We both need our space, but we also know that when the going gets tough – we have each other, and each other’s other halves.  We all get on so well, and can be honest and open.

Now I know that not everybody is lucky enough to have this kind of support, which is why, when people come to me, I do my utmost to help them as much as I can.  Some may call me stupid for doing so, but I would like to think that if I had no-one, someone would listen to me.

My energy therapies, readings and guidance are all there to help others, it is in my nature to do so.  Even when I am needing help myself, I can still find it in me to assist those that have nowhere else to turn.

So next time you need some extra guidance, insight or support – contact me.  Book an energy therapy session or a reading, message me on facebook, or treat yourself to one of my many pieces of spiritual jewellery or crystals.  I work hard to make these things as supporting as I can to you.



Nikki xx